data science
Helping someone understand
Data science is becoming increasingly important in enterprise activities around the world. As a result, data scientists in the modern workplace must be adept not only at the language of coding, but the language of the workplace as well. Without business-centric communication skills, the importance of their work can easily be lost in translation between...
With Baseet, text analytics apps can be customized so that anyone may take advantage of this service – no data science background required!
Baseet.ai provides pre-built nodes that help developers to build applications that utilize Azure’s Speech service without writing a lot of code
Women in Tech
When women lead, the entire world changes. For decades, women around the world have worked to break the invisible ceiling to advancement and achieve professional growth in every industry. Gender impacts how people are paid, educated, and provided access to healthcare. As a result, women face enormous challenges when trying to get on equal footing....