Q&A with Baseet.ai Advisory Board Member Ravi Belani

Check out our Q&A with Baseet.ai Advisory Board Member, Ravi Belani, about his excitement for Baseet’s future. Ravi Belani is Fenwick & West Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at Stanford University and Managing Director of the Alchemist Accelerator, an enterprise seed accelerator backed by Cisco, DFJ, Khosla Ventures, Salesforce, SAP Ventures, and USVP.

What enticed you to join Baseet.ai’s Advisory Board?

RAVI BELANI: We loved the combination of Baseet’s marketability and vision. Baseet.ai is enabling artificial intelligence (AI) by creating an accessible and dynamic DSaaS (Data Science as a Service) platform that will be useful across many different verticals. There are many data scientists out there, and Baseet.ai is addressing these data science needs without needing to hire as many data scientists that they would otherwise have to hire.

What is your investment or leadership philosophy, and how are you integrating this approach to your engagement with Baseet?

BELANI: For the investment philosophy, we like bi-focal ventures – those with a clear focus on both short-term goals and long-term goals. And Baseet is uniquely qualified in this regard. Baseet is building a powerful product with diverse potential applications in the AI space.

As for the advisory philosophy, thinking strategically about something that can’t be replicated (i.e. from the developer community or database approach), as well as short-term focus on execution (getting first 10 customers lined up and then long-term strategy on scaling).

What drew you to Baseet?

 BELANI: There are a lot of great ideas out there, but the question is not whether the idea is good enough, it’s whether the timing is right. The timing is about to take off for Baseet. People have a deep need to build AI applications, and there is the need for a modular platform that gets smarter and smarter over time.

With Baseet.ai, you can create very powerful AI applications with simple drag-and-drop functionality. This combination of sophistication and ease of use is exciting.

Where do you see Baseet going in the future?

 BELANI: In the short term, the next 6 months, the company will be growing from 1 customer to 10. This will be the initial proving stage where Baseet demonstrates its value to the marketplace. In the 1-3 year term, this modular piece of software will scale into a larger developer community. After 2 years, this platform will have scaled such that third-party developers can extend it/use it for themselves.

The Alchemist is a top enterprise accelerator, and Baseet.ai’s pattern matches historically successful companies that have raised $100 million and more. We have a strong history of amazing enterprise software companies, and Baseet is one of them. Learn more about the Alchemist Accelerator at alchemistaccelerator.com, and try out Baseet’s cutting edge AI platform for yourself with a free account.

Samantha Joule Fow is the Director of Communications and Digital Marketing for Baseet.ai and the CEO of Axiom Communications, Inc. - a full-service technical writing and digital marketing company located in Denver, Colorado.

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