Join Baseet’s Co-Founder at the Alchemist Accelerator Demo Day on May 13 has never been shy about showing off the vast functionality of its growing platform. On May 13, key figures in the venture capital community are going to get the chance to see it for themselves with our first official Demo Day presentation. The all-virtual Demo Day presented by the Alchemist Accelerator will include a who’s who of tech investors as well as some of the most promising startups in the industry. CEO and Co-Founder Tareq Aljaber will be exhibiting Baseet’s existing functionality and demonstrating our platform’s incredible potential to simplify the world of AI.

Team. Product. Traction. 

Baseet is not your typical boot-strapped startup. Led by two experienced professionals in the tech industry, Baseet has built a strong team around an innovative product. Co-founder and CEO Tareq Aljaber is an experienced product manager, marketing manager, and developer who honed his skills working with some of the biggest names in the tech industry. Aljaber’s extensive resume includes development and management work at Adobe, Microsoft, Atlassian, and Samsung Research America. Fellow Co-founder and CTO Baha Abunojaim is a serial entrepreneur and technologist who was named one of the MIT Technology Review’s Top Innovators under 35. He’s also Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year and serves on the board of TechWorks innovation lab which is an initiative by the Crown Prince Foundation in Jordan.

Aljaber and Abunojaiam have assembled a dedicated team of data scientists, developers, and software engineers to support their latest venture: is a cutting-edge platform for building, sharing, and collaborating on trainable AI applications. Our unique approach to low-code AI development has made the adoption and execution of sophisticated AI solutions as simple as drag-and-drop. We empower novice AI developers to add out-of-the-box AI capabilities to their existing applications via APIs, and deploy at scale- NO data science or DevOps skills required. We already have several use cases demonstrating the clear value of our application, and there are many additional functionalities under development by our internal team. We’re excited to demonstrate the ease and agility of our user-friendly platform as one of the Alchemist Accelerator’s most promising enterprise startups.

The Alchemist Accelerator connects startups with enterprise products to investors and VCs looking for their next great opportunity. The Alchemist Accelerator has helped launch over 300 companies build successful new ventures and attracted over $750 million in capital to the most promising startups in tech. Baseet is thrilled to be among this elite group, and we’re looking forward to demonstrating our value to institutional investors, VCs, and big tech companies looking for promising acquisitions.

Enterprise Solutions Everyone Can Access

Baseet has built a platform designed for the business community. Enterprises and organizations can leverage our out-of-the-box, customizable solution to integrate AI functionalities into their software solutions without having to engage data scientists or programmers with special skills.

With Baseet, any degree of customization you may need is a simple as executing a drag-and-drop. Thanks to our user-friendly UI and pre-built nodes, developers can build new AI apps or integrate AI solutions into their existing services with ease. A “node” is a reusable, customizable component that can be connected with other nodes in an easy drag-and-drop format to make increasingly complex and capable apps.

Any enterprise or organization looking to add AI functionality to their existing code can simply take our auto-generated API and embed it into their software. Or, start with Baseet’s growing library of pre- built applications and customize them to suit your needs. We’re seeking to raise funds for our first round seed, and any interested investor is welcome to participate in the Demo Day or reach out to us directly. If you’re interested in hearing more, contact Tareq Aljaber at

Samantha Joule Fow is the Director of Communications and Digital Marketing for and the CEO of Axiom Communications, Inc. - a full-service technical writing and digital marketing company located in Denver, Colorado.

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