Baseet Builds Tools to Bridge the Data Science Communication Gap

Data science is becoming increasingly important in enterprise activities around the world. As a result, data scientists in the modern workplace must be adept not only at the language of coding, but the language of the workplace as well. Without business-centric communication skills, the importance of their work can easily be lost in translation between tech experts, customers, and managers without data science backgrounds.  

The communication gap between data scientists and everyone else is limiting innovation in the field – but Baseet has a solution. We’ve built a platform that abstracts machine learning and deep learning models into web forms that are useful and easy-to-understand for the layperson. With the click of a button, you can allow anyone to interpret your hard work regardless of whether they have any computing experience. 

Communication Challenges in Data Science

Right now, data scientists do the heavy lifting in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning, and it can be a struggle to communicate achievements to management and other non-technical audiences. We’re working to bridge this divide by offering a tool that allows you to demo your models in a way that anyone can understand and engage with.

Baseet abstracts machine learning and deep learning models as web forms that can be shared with others in the organization. These web forms are auto-generated and easy-to-use – even a non-technical person can fill out the form and run it to see a visual result of the execution of a data science model. 

The image above is an example of one of our auto-generated forms for an object recognition model. Simply upload an image and detect elements within the image using a simple web-form interface. Running the model from the form shows the output with each element in the image recognized, as shown below. 

Running this web form will also auto-generate an API that you can embed into your existing code to add object recognition functionality. 

Bridging the Communication Divide

Currently there’s a gap of communication between data scientists and the rest of their organizations. There are a lot of reasons for this trend, but most of all it’s because data scientists and researchers build complex models that are not easy to demo to non-technical people in their organizations.  

In this short video, I am going to show how data scientists and researchers can take a very complex model and code, import it to Baseet, then build an app using Baseet’s technology that anyone can run and see how it works using our intuitive, auo-generated form or using our visual layer.

We built Baseet to make AI accessible to everyone, not just data scientists. As a result, the use cases for our platform are growing by the day. We would love for you to try it out for yourself with a free account or follow us on social media at @BaseetAI on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Samantha Joule Fow is the Director of Communications and Digital Marketing for and the CEO of Axiom Communications, Inc. - a full-service technical writing and digital marketing company located in Denver, Colorado.

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