A drag-and-drop platform to enable novice AI developers to add out-of-the-box, extensible AI capabilities to their existing applications using pre-built templates, pre-trained models, and deploy at scale – NO data science or DevOps skills required. 

Baseet's App
What To Expect

Core Features

AI Marketplace For Developers

Discover, fork, and customize out-of-the-box Artificial Intelligence apps such as dynamic pricing, face recognition, sentiment analysis, and more with ease.


Add AI capabilities by simply copying and pasting an API call into your existing application. Generate new API endpoints for your model is a click away.

Train On Your Data

Found the pre-built application you need for your business? provides you with the right infrastructure and visual pipeline to connect and train the model on your data.

Built Around Community

Publish, share, and monetize your AI-powered apps or pre-trained models with the rest of Baseet’s community to learn from and get feedback on.

From Notebook To Production

Take your groundwork or exploration code from Jupyter Notebook to production-grade code using Baseet highly interactive, fast-feedback mode.

AI-first Compilation Pipeline

Build robust AI application right from within your web browser powered by a code editor and Baseet’s online Python compiler And code editor

See how to build an application with

Drag-and-Drop App Builder

Build and train custom AI applications by dragging puzzle-like configurable system or community components, datasets, and pre-trained models, fitting them together visually to build a Machine Learning or Deep Learning apps.

Model To Web Form In Minutes

Turn your model to an online web form with visual inputs and outputs. Embed anywhere on the web and share with others to experience.

  • Auto-generated Web Form
  • JSON representation of your model
  • Support for all web components
  • API endpoints for each form

CLI To Automate Your Process

Call Baseet’s models and applications from the comfort of your command line. Build automation pipelines for your business and take your application to market faster.

Online Code Editor

Run inline code with Baseet’s online code editor. Build reusable components (nodes) to accelerate application development and improve productivity.

Integrate With The Tools You Already Use